Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Things Are Tough All Over

Well, the World's Greatest Dad is proud to continue bringing you guys advice & sage knowledge FREE OF COMMERCIAL INTERESTS. Lot's of other "blogs" out there are popping-up Google ads like they're got-damn daffodils. But here at W'sGD , my reader only get 100% pure love. Onto this week's question:

Dear World's Greatest Dad,

Q: My son's sixth birthday is coming up, and i promised him we could have a birthday party at the local skating rink. But, because times are so tight, i'm realizing i cant quite afford to pay for the tickets, the food, and the presents -- plus food for the parents. Do you have any ideas about where i could take the little guy for a good time without breaking the bank?

--Skate-less in Seattle

World's Greatest Dad answers:

Dear S-I-S
I certainly know times can be tough-- especially since my wife has yet to see how hard it is to pay for the mortgage on my former house as well as this tiny, uncomfortable one-bedroom apartment where i'm staying while we work things out.

So I vote for
Arby's for dinner: Five roast beef sandwiches for $5 !! For that price you could get like 45 of those things and pile them up on the table, and the kids don't even have to use their hands!

Of course some of my readers may prefer the Market Fresh sandwich "wraps" -- they're so fun -- or maybe you're a dyed-in-the-wool "sidekickers" man. i mean, who can resist the Loaded Potato Bites with Cool Ranch sour Cream? I know my little guy loves 'em when i come by for a visit!

Son, there's no one with whom i'd rather eat Onion Petals with tangy "Southwestern" sauce than you-- no one!)

i think what i'm trying to say here is that, no matter which of the delicious treats you prefer, Arby's is the best restaurant ever, and that you would be
CRAZY if we went anywhere else.


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